BL Legacy Growth Leads to Relocation to Larger Office

The leadership of BL Legacy, a respected customer acquisition agency, announced that they would be expanding operations to a larger office space in early 2019. The move signifies the team's growth over the past year.

​Eileen, President of BL Legacy, shared that relocation is a deep reflection of the success the firm has attained. They’ve earned a solid reputation for potent outreach campaigns that have elevated their national service partners’ visibility both in New Jersey and across the United States. She credited the firm’s accomplishments to the team’s hard work, noting that the need for a new office stems from the addition of new associates who were brought on to meet increased business demand. 

According to Eileen, BL Legacy’s focus on growth is due to their consulting and marketing model which eschews conventional techniques in favor of a more personal and direct approach. Team members are well-trained in how to predict trends and respond instantly to customer needs. Each one is equipped with the knowledge and insights to accurately assess the business landscape, which ensures they exceed targeted goals. Adding in key skills such as communication, listening, and individualized messaging to reach customers in a meaningful way, they create more impact than is possible through online advertising programs. 

BL Legacy’s President on the Supportive Company Culture

Eileen was quick to note that BL Legacy’s excellence reflects a dual focus. Not only are they committed to delivering results for customers, but their people-centric focus extends to team members as well. Eileen shared that the culture is designed to allow everyone room to grow. It’s innovative, forward-thinking, and steeped in ongoing learning. 

Within the firm, associates establish their own career trajectories from day one. Promotions are merit-based, which is an incentive for any ambitious person with a desire to rapidly move into a leadership role. Coaches work alongside new team members to get them up to speed, after which they are eligible for advanced education in different regions, at conferences, or during retreats.

What makes this practice so empowering and successful is the emphasis placed on teamwork and collaboration. While each person is responsible for how far he or she goes professionally, the main sentiment that pulls this office together is the belief that a win for one is a win for all. Put in practice, it ensures more cooperation as people share their talents and welcome each other’s diverse input while taking strategic risks to do even more with each campaign. 

Eileen is excited for the possibilities that come with a bigger location and a growing team. As she and her team continue to look for the next big opportunities, she predicts 2019 is just the start of something great.

About BL Legacy: 

BL Legacy is recognized in the customer acquisition industry for their innovation and personable approach. By creating memorable one-on-one campaigns, they connect with customers on a deeper level than is possible through online or conventional advertising methods. Their team-driven culture ensures that each associate has the training and support to form strong bonds on behalf of their corporate partners and drive lasting results. At the heart of BL Legacy’s success is a true passion for people, which is visible in how they interact with customers, how associates are given room to grow, and how they give back to the community. Learn more at

Source: BL Legacy